Click here  808-664-6632 We Buy Homes Services are available to homeowners throughout the Hawaiian Islands by the Home Buyers Of Hawaii Team.

Experts at our company are now helping more homeowners like yourself eliminate the burden of selling a property.
We Buy Houses..Fast!

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Selling your home through a realtor or real estate agent can be very time consuming with unnecessary fees and expenses for a homeowner i.e. commissions, monthly holding cost, mortgage payments, maintenance, repairs, endless showings.

We at Home Buyers Of Hawaii provide a better solution for your real estate needs.
We buy your home for a fair price,on the date of your choice and close with an attorney, there are no commissions, no fees, no repairs required, no endless showings, no delays, no unnecessary expenses, just a fast, hassle free real estate sale.

Details about our services can be found by Clicking here  These services are now offered on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii.

A new request form for all submissions Click here  has been installed recently on our company website. This form is continuously updated to provide faster and simpler ways to receive answers to housing questions. All requests made through this new system online are responded to promptly to expedite the actual sale process for homeowners.

The Home Buyers Of Hawaii Team currently buys properties weekly and has earned its reputation in the real estate industry for the expediting of alternative sales. An overview of our complete services provided can be found on our company website.

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About Home Buyers Of Hawaii
The Home Buyers Of Hawaii company is owned and operated by real estate professionals with decades of experience. This group of non-realtors currently purchases and sells an average of 5 to 10 houses each month to in and out of state clients. Our real estate services are designed to help expedite selling options for homeowners. Home Buyers Of Hawaii provides a fast track method for selling properties and bypasses the traditional routes of selling real estate. The company website Click here  offers informative data to those performing research about selling a home in the state of Hawaii